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Main » 2012 » May » 1 » Six Reasons to Get an Online Degree
11:44 AM
Six Reasons to Get an Online Degree

Getting an associate’s, bachelor’s, or master’s degree online can do wonders for your career. Not only can a degree increase your marketability and chance of promotion, it can also increase your salary. In fact, the US Census Bureau found that average earnings over a lifetime increase significantly for each additional degree you obtain from associate’s and bachelor’s degrees to master’s degrees and beyond. No matter your field, there’s never been a better time to pursue an online education.

Extensive work experience, coupled with a college degree, gives job seekers an edge. Get ahead of the competition by getting a degree.

Here are six great reasons to get an online degree:

1.) Career Advancement

No matter how industrious you are, there are some career paths that are open only to those who hold a degree. Use your talents to go beyond the ordinary and pursue a degree online. Not only will a degree open many new doors, it can also increase your salary and potential for advancement. Ready to move up in your career? An online degree may be just what you need to get ahead.

2.) The Job Market is Tough

A career-targeted online education is the perfect solution to a tight job market. A slowdown in the economy is the perfect time to advance your education – whether you are working full-time, part-time, or searching for your ideal job, an online education can give you an edge on the competition as well as allowing you to pursue your educational goals without quitting your day job. Online degrees are convenient and flexible. You can go to school according to your own schedule, so there is no need to worry about leaving your job during a shaky economy. Don’t have a job? An online degree can help you beat out other job seekers by increasing your education and showing your dedication to your desired career.

3.) Professional Licensing

Does your dream job require professional licensing? Many careers insist on a graduate education in order to get licensed. Afraid you won’t have time for grad school? Think again. Online master’s degrees are convenient, reputable, and affordable. Social workers, psychologists, and therapists face rigorous state and national licensing examinations that only an advanced degree can prepare them for.

4.) Perfect for Career Changes

Many people make the decision to return to school after being away from the workforce or working in a particular industry for a while. Their interests and abilities have developed over the years and may have nothing at all to do with their previous degree. An associate’s, bachelor’s or master’s degree is necessary training for the new field.

5.) Increase Your Salary

Obtaining a degree could increase your salary exponentially. Your increased level of knowledge and skill might lead to an impressive increase of salary over your lifetime. Invest in your future with an online degree.

6.) Because You Love It

There are plenty of people who choose online education because they simply love the field and it provides welcome intellectual stimulation.

Before going to school, it’s vital to establish career goals, interests, and finances. And job seekers armed with this information should be able to successfully apply to the right programs, get accepted, and use their online degree to move ahead in the business world.

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