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No-IP Application Server Web publishing on the Internet free
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No-IP certainly not a new topic but so far it is still valuable and useful resource for many needs: for instance you are running a Web Server and the public on the Internet needs to allow users can access external demand exploitation of natural resources - information, or perform the demo software products to customers that do not want to spend extra to buy the domain, hosting, not just you can completely control the remote computer on your Web Server computer, connect game ...

This article presents the steps taken so simple with respect to already have a web server (assuming the link accessible at the local machine is - Port 8080 ).

Step 1: First you need to configure the modem / router ADSL port 8080 to outside Nat. Testing for this article I use ADSL modem (D-Link DSL-2540T) is common, access the administration page at (the default account admin / admin). After successful login, you click Abvanced tab -> select the Virtual Server.

In the Virtual Server screen, click to select User, click the Add button to create a new rule, Rule Management screen appears, proceed to enter the parameters as follows: Section Rule Name: Bugzilla, for example, Protocal: TCP ( If your web server is the top entertainment such as music, watch movies online, choose UDP) Port Start / Port End / Port Map / End Port Map: 8080.

Click Apply, the screen back to the Virtual Server Rule you click "bugzilla" in the Available Rules list -> click the Add button to apply these rules to the Applied Rules list. Press the Apply button again and proceed through the Tools tab -> System, click Save and Reboot to save the settings & reset the modem router to take effect.

Because there are many types of router config and each is different so you can refer to the information on www.portforward.com.

Step 2: After the router configuration is done, you proceed hanhdang K i a NO-IP account at http://www.no-ip.com free. Click on Create new account and enter the information requested at No-IP Create Your Account, click I Accept, Create My Account to complete the registration. If successful will go Confirmation email is on its way, at the service of this notice has transferred a link via email and your job is to activate your account in the mail that you have registered. Besides, you need to download additional gadgets No-Ip DUC 2.2.1 on computers at this site (or select the Download tab on the homepage of No-IP service).
Step 3: After activation is complete, you proceed to login to your account at the Login section. Welcome screen displays, click the Add a Host. In the hostname you type the domain name (domain) you want to register for your web server where the service allows us to create free domain yourname.no form or yourname.no-ip-ip.info . org and if you want a domain name nice and professional it course you will need to pay a fee. The remaining parameters to the default you click Create Host.
Step 4: Install No-IP DUC 2.2.1 tool on your computer, launch and log in using the account you registered in step 2 (E-Mail Address, Password). The program interface displays, select the check mark in the domain name (domain) you created in step 3.

Now you see the smiley face icon is yellow domain is "live", whereas if the surface "sample" red line is to check the network or on the account management page on No-Ip for testing investigation. The purpose of the DUC 2.2.1 is to help you update your IP address each time the network service provider to change the static IP address, so therefore for the operation of the Web Server to be smooth, do not close the chapter and the second set of options to add a check by selecting Run on startup (Windows startup) or Run as a system service (implemented as a service of the windows) in Section option / Standard tab.
Thus, after full implementation of four steps and in step 3 you have registered domain name (hostname entry) for example is "bugzilla", select the tail. "No-ip.info", the address to access from outside on your Web server will be http://bugzilla.no-ip.info:8080 (one thing you can not access right from your own computer, but only accessible from other computers outside the network ADSL, because How you ask a friend to check Presented Nhe, secondly you can use a web proxy that such http://us.worldproxy.tracking202.com to check, this way perform faster transmission our system is a proxy internet search that I conducted on the IE proxy setting). If it is not accessible from the outside, you should check the firewall on your computer is off or not?

In addition to No-IP applications to help Web publishers on the Internet server, you can apply:

1. Remote control computer with Remote Desktop Connection (Windows) on your computer with the domain name "bugzilla.no-ip.info". (Requirements are set up on the Web server computer to allow remote desktop setup. However this may be considered security vulnerabilities if you do not have a mechanism: turn off the remote for safety when not in use or set to only allow login with an account number assigned).

2. Game Server publishing the outside to connect with your friends playing a game by game created Server Lan function, the form it is similar to that web server (Apache). So just set the game on, and setup is similar to the above steps (of course also need the corresponding NAT port in the modem. Then you open the game to play, make room, to play. The other user will connect into the room with a registered domain with No-IP. Here, only the Web Server (Apache) is replaced by Game Server (CS 1.6).

Besides, while many other applications on the No-IP services are waiting for you to discover.

Nguyễn Tùng Anh
Saigontech Forum » AAS IT House » Web Publishing-Multimedia » No-IP Application Server Web publishing on the Internet free
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