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Potential to become business owners
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Before the establishment of the enterprise: Are you ready to become a real business yet?

Ability to business owners - anecdotes and practical

Anecdote: "The business is innate - rather than built out"

In fact having the characteristics of an entrepreneur is not essential for you to become entrepreneurs. Because one is: you can not know that you have these qualities and is first to discover them; two are: business owners may be better than perfect due to the research, development their business skills & experience to work by all that.

Anecdote: "Business owners are gambling"

In practice: Business owners who are not gamble and do not accept high risk of awareness. The successful entrepreneur has calculated the risk & try to limit risk at the lowest level in at any time they can.

Anecdote: "Start your own business is the commitment of the dangers & risks that tend to fail"

Reality: Yes, business could be shut down, the statistics show the number of businesses closed because of failure to meet any different in any country, in any field. in Germany, the proportion of businesses closing today of the new restaurants opening up 80% in the first year. Additionally, analysts have Dun & Bradstreet's study in 1995 to a figure of 800,000 people start small businesses (in America) have shown that 70% still trading after 8.5 years. Only one in seven businesses closed their business, even failure - not allowed to pay its obligations. In these businesses fail, 85% are allowed to do so in five years. But that does not mean that 85% of all small businesses fail? Yes, these numbers are statistically in America. - Many business owners have actually failed two or more times and then they were very successful.

Anecdote: "Business owners generally have lower levels of education"

In practice: most common level of training of entrepreneurs in business under the Law on Private Enterprise is a must have bachelor's degrees.
Anecdote: "Money is the basic element to achieve success"
In practice: money becomes the least important aspects of starting a new business. If the other side is exploiting appropriate business skills utilized in place, the money can only be seen as a factor standing behind him. On the other hand - the money will not protect you when you fail in business.

Anecdote: "Starting a business just for the young and energetic."

In practice: natural youth and vitality that can help you, but age is not the barriers to starting a business yourself. Specific age limit for starting a business can range from 25 to 50 years in Asia, sometimes after retirement.

Anecdote: "It is better you will be an independent business owner, the only - and you are also the boss of you"

In practice: this would be appropriate for a small business. When developing the business and will have many complications that arise, then you need to show clearly the responsibility - if conducting business venture with a large concentration of capital that successful results cooperation of many people. According to the analysis of business psychology, you should select business partners with the character as opposed to you.
Anyway, a business owner does not actually always the boss and he or she can not always independent. Because there are customers, suppliers, lenders of money, workers, spouses, family, neighbors, government officials bureaucracy ...

Anecdote: "The business owners have worried - a price too expensive for private individuals to pay"

In the money: this is true because they are under pressure and stress. However, as a business owner is not necessarily more intense than the demands of the job. Most business owners with a passion for what they do, and they develop flexible thinking and innovation as required.

Anecdote: "The business owners who seek power and money".

Reality: While many business owners caught in this way, the most successful business owners and developers are always aware of the motor is exactly the opposite. They shall strive for goals and results rather than to seek power and money. Successful business owners tend to always think about the business relationship long before the dominant thinking of the immediate cash profits.
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