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Strategic Management time
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Management strategy over time can be applied in all companies. It is particularly effective in the business environment as volatile Vietnam.

31 years ago, Gordon Moore, co-founder of the processor, and Intel Corporation predicted that the speed of microprocessors doubles every 18 months. This prediction was later proven by the fact Intel and became "Moore's Law" legendary.

Many people believe that Moore's Law is a symbol of strength in engineering and economics of Intel. But few know that the law also includes a management strategy for business success doanhmang manufacturer processor and motherboard of a world.

This strategy is termed "time management", that is always trying to create products, services or new technologies penetrate the market sectors and new business within a specified time period. Specifically is the production management business in a steady rhythm in time.

For example, Intel committed to doubling the speed of product every 18 months, British Airways aims to change the comprehensive services every five years; 3M Company to the new products should account for 30% annual turnover; In Starbucks coffee is to open 300 new stores each year.

Management time and can be applied to benefit all companies, regardless of size or field of activity. This strategy is particularly effective in the business environment more volatile, especially in countries in transition like Vietnam and in the rapidly developing field.

Administration time is effective because it forces the business manager must periodically re-evaluate what is done to adjust and change the appropriate passive avoid shocks on the market. Analysis on an other, this approach also works to help businesses avoid the type of reaction, "lat", the situation before the impact factor.

Nearly 10 years experience as General Director Gillette, Al Zeien his strategy is not only in response to the market that have to arrange and administer the business his way. Former chairman Andrew Grove of Intel said that the market should not run but must actively generate customers and ahead of market demand.

Not only big companies who apply are governed by time. If you are really determined, then any business can apply. For successful implementation of management strategies over time, businesses should focus two key problems is to find the appropriate rhythm for yourself and ensure harmony in the transfer.

As the examples listed above, each management company under a different routine, be it a year at Starbucks, five years at British Airways. Or a local travel company can put the plan to change the tour program every three months, has added a new tour each year is nine months and further develop the market into another country.

However, note that setting the rhythm to match the company's capabilities as well as the nature of the product, market and competitors. It is important to respect the rhythm set, avoiding the time has not changed a long time, sometimes changing so quickly that chaos. In addition to setting the rhythm, the harmony of matter transfer between the supply rate is also very important.

It can be a business activity as a relay race. Race results do not depend on the run cycle, but also is determined by the turn of the stick. The track must run after the first run to know when to come, so start running at any speed, received from staff in how to not waste time and drop the sticks ...

The transfer between the business cycle as well. For example, managers must know when to start designing a new product in the current product is produced with maximum power, then make plans to reduce production until new products were launched the same parallel, and finally the withdrawal of the old smooth.

In such cases, if they are not set up a relay harmony in the production process will be in danger of being eliminated from the race in the marketplace.

In short, time management is to follow two basic properties of time: the continuity, and periodicity. Continuity will require a relentless effort of the business. And the cycle requires businesses to have periodic review and make appropriate innovation.
Saigontech Forum » AAS Business House » Hotel Management and Restaurant » Strategic Management time
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