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To learn English
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Cynosura Foundation is pleased to introduce to you some experience to learn English. This is an experience of a student who has specialized in English and is currently a teacher of English at the University of Social Sciences and Humanities, Vietnam National University Ho Chi Minh.

People beginning, I have some "secret team" to learn English, please write to liberty. If anyone has the experience more efficient, please post up to the same study.

Listening: I often listen to the BBC. Too hard to hear the tape carefully several times: first preliminary hearing to hold the content, the next hearing intonation, pronunciation and new words. Listen to it several times to learn how to read the connection between global and intonation, it's not available in Vietnamese. Currently cable and digital channels are English speakers, the sound quality is much better, as I do the Listening practice hard enough. Relax, the English player, but not heard, but not noticed the use of words in all. Sometimes just listening to music, but the attention to the content, I think, is very important. If not prone situation like that music, singing clams clams content without knowing how other people would laugh to hear! If you have more free time then speak my voice recorder, a form of a "spoken diary," is also quite interesting, just check the intonation and its vocabulary.

Speaking: Listening and Speaking closely related to each other. A listener asked that they do not understand how can we answer? So essential vocabulary. My grammar is not that important! Of course grammar is right will make the listener better understand and express the speaker's degree more. But note that the spoken language has its own grammar. Like the Vietnamese, the grammar of spoken language is very diverse, flexible. We can say only one from the audience understands, need not always be a complete sentence. Speaking to such a short two things: words and said reflector. Vocabulary here, including how to pronounce words correctly and use proper context. Said reflector including response rate and reply accordingly. Not every fast to be true! But they can not say it can never be true! So we do not be shy, timid as a chance to communicate, but also need to look to correct mistakes, to avoid false riet used later when it will be difficult to fix! So now talk to friends, teachers, foreigners in English as much as possible!

Reading: Please read lots of books in English original, so that wording, puns, style of the author. Read more categories, domains, find out more about the terminology commonly used in daily life. Reading for Writing helps a lot, so if you have time, so for 1/2g daily read something in English!

Writing: Write a diary in English or a learning and results. Would not have written it any other way than writing more and more correct. A well-known journalists like to write an editorial or writing to write four times. I normally only need 3 times just fine! First draft, second write complete, correct three times. These steps apply to me are subject Writing classes and shown to be effective. Grammar Writing is important in the subject. For a smoother tone, we need to master the grammar rules and use them real expertise. Vocabulary is also important, pay attention not misspelled. In addition to writing or the writer must be observant and well organized. Observant to portray, and well organized to express their twists things to say. Rule 1-2-3 is a very good rule! If you have not thought of three literature reviews to develop the drill, please write! And since 3> 1 so that it best to say for the last ("save the best for the last"!)

Vocabulary & grammar: Learning good at all four skills ie can not ignore the vocabulary and grammar. Good grammar is to carefully study the rules, do exercises and finally used a lot in spoken and written. Vocabulary too! Following measures, but my old but very useful: you should always be hard to take with a small notebook, when they see something or something to express in English should not be recorded to the further investigation. Book also to the words or notes, the themes of your favorite or simply the chance to learn from. The burn may help some of you and some others need a picture, or color in mind, you can draw or make a certain sign for easy learning. This is the brain structure of each one, you should be flexible to suit changes.

In summary, I think, if we consider learning gentle, fun, the performance gain will be higher. English, like other subjects, to permeate, proof often requires a certain investment of time. Do not be too eager to rush but to plan for their learning each day, each week, each month and determined to make it rigorous. After a certain period, you will find yourself amazed with the results achieved. I wish you success!
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