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How to learn English pronunciation
weoDate: Monday, 2012-01-09, 7:06 PM | Message # 1
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English uses many different sounds than other languages.
For example, the first sound from the first thin and sound away from you never heard in other languages.
Therefore, you must:

Know all the sounds of English
Listen to sound emitting see how the sentences and words used in practice.
Practice your pronunciation - Listen to words and sentences in English and then try to repeat the best possible.
To spend more time in training is not important, it is important to practice it regularly. Many people think that just learning to pay attention to pronunciation will help them develop their best.

The key here is that you have to imitate the English word repeated at any time you hear something in English (see TV, movies, etc ...). Whenever you alone, you can try to pronounce some English words, just take a little time, such as bus, take a shower, or surf the Web. A tongue and mouth when you get used to the new sound, you will not see any difficulties at all.

Often people with genius will imitate sounds better (for example, if you can mimic the local accent in your native language, then you also will be easy to imitate English pronunciation similar) . However, if you do not have this, you can achieve through perseverance and a bit technical. A technique is most useful record your voice and sound compared to the standard. So you can recognize your pronunciation differs from standard audio editing and gradually so that more native like accent.

Ah, one more thing. Do not let people comment that "because you are a foreigner, you will always have a voice of a foreigner."

Learn to pronounce English

Read a word of English, but you do not know how to pronounce it. For example, between no and therefore, both ending in o. However, it is pronounced like this, and so pronounced as this. That means you will have to learn to pronounce all the words you use.

So how do you learn to pronounce a word? You can see from the dictionary how to pronounce. Dictionary tells you how to pronounce through a special system called phonetic transcription (transcription).

Phonetic letters are written phonetically. Alphabetic phonetic system most commonly Systems International Phonetics Alphabet (IPA). Phonetic transcriptions are written in a phonetic alphabet. The phonetic alphabet Most popular is the International phonetic Alphabet (IPA).

Select English or American accent (or both)

English in different localities have different pronunciation. For example, pronunciation, accent other than American pronunciations. You can choose between British and American accent, because this is the second most powerful language in the world. You choose what voice? Perhaps you like the best voice. Whether you choose to accent or American accent people can understand what you tell whether you go matter. Of course, you do not have to choose: you can speak both English accent.

Learn both English and American pronunciation

You even can choose a voice said in English, but you should learn both British and American. For example, you want to speak English perfectly. You do not want the U.S. to speak at all. So you should pay attention to the pronunciation in the dictionary is not an American accent? I believe that you should. You may want to speak English, but you'll also hear some American. You can watch an American movie, visit the United States, with an American teacher, etc ... You may want to speak English with them, but you need to understand both British and American.

Similarly, consider what happens if (a student to speak English) will hear a word said by the Americans like? For example, you hear from nuke on American TV channels, it will be pronounced [nu: k]. Assuming you have not read phonetic [u:] is using an American accent, but you just know this sounds a British accent sound [ju:] in British Default, and then you hear this sound, but you do not know it What is the word.

Of course, if you prefer to learn American accent, and you should do the same. Chances are, you will also enjoy learning both English and American accent.
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