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Saigontech Forum » English House » GE » The importance of reading and listening.
The importance of reading and listening.
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When speaking in the native language, you do not need to think about grammar or vocabulary that you use. You say your instincts. In fact, your brain is using the very question that you've seen or heard. If you want to speak English fluently as a native speaker, you also have to learn it the way you learned your native language.

Reading and listening are two skills that will help you develop the ability to perceive language. We help you identify and remember so many words, many words. Then your brain can mimic and you can say what you think correctly, in both wording and grammar. If you read and hear more, especially to heed these words, or using, you will quickly apply new words or new structures in speaking and writing. Not only that, it also helps you develop intuition to learn. You will begin to feel the sentence was right, said sentence seems wrong - like you can do with their native language. Learning by listening and reading seems to take longer than others with learning based on the rules of grammar.

For example, to have a better sense of how to use the kiosks in the English language you need to read more questions and analyze them carefully. Does this help you easier to remember a lesson on how to shop from a grammar book? The problem is, it takes a lot of time to write a sentence where you always have to remember the grammar rules. If you talk to someone, you will not have time to do this. Method of learning by listening and reading seem more demanding, need more time, but it's the only way to achieve accuracy and fluency in language learning. Below, I will show more clearly the advantages of this methodology.


· Reading Speed

If you ever participate in any particular course of English, teachers also require you to skim a text, and then do the exercises related to reading it. This is one of the types of items that you have to do in the exams, or other examinations. Most teachers encourage students to read fast, but they can, just to grasp the main ideas of the time. Perhaps you think such a reading will improve your language skills (since you're reading) and is preparing for a test (because you're doing homework).

But in fact, read this way not only is not helpful for your studies, but also slow down your progress. When read in their own language, you read to understand the content. Your brain to focus on keywords that convey the meaning of the passage. This way you can read faster. But when you read a foreign language is different. You just have to focus on just grammar to parse these verses to find the good and phrases or expressions, or that you should learn. · Read what?

It is important that the content you are reading to really make you feel excited. You do not have to read a novel, long and confusing. You can read the comic, detective stories or fables, as long as it suits your tastes. If you are just beginning to learn English, you should not be too difficult to choose the materials. Of course, sometimes you should choose a fascinating document to read to boost your learning. However, you should spend most of the time to read these posts simple and easy to understand. Spend time just looking for interesting material, attractions, but also has to be simple again.

Bearing in mind that reading the content to really keep you motivated. If you find a piece of comic books or a boring article, please give it a go and find another article to read. Try to search for documents related to the subject that you like, such as computer programming you like, you go find the article or book about the English program. You should also participate in online discussion forum in English. So you not only increase their knowledge about which of your favorite subjects, but improved again in English.


Listening is as important as reading skills. But a little more difficult but it is also a very useful skill to learn your English, help you improve your pronunciation skills and communicate in English.

Listen from the beginning (from the start of school)

When learning a foreign language, it is better you should start to listen as soon as you can. This way you will get familiar with the sounds of language. Learning pronunciation will be much easier for you. If you are a beginner, look for the hearing accompanied by sound recordings. Whenever you do not understand a word, open your recording and then check in the dictionary. Listen to hear again and again the same content

Listened to several times the same content is great for learning your language. Select a recording and listen to it several times. You have to make sure I understood every single word in that footage. While listening, try to remember the useful sentences, or even a paragraph. Then practice saying them from memory, imitating the pronunciation of the speaker. After a while, you will see that the word or phrase in the video has become a part of you. You can use them in your own sentences. The ability to pronounce and listening comprehension skills will surely improve.

Listen regularly Try to listen to on a regular basis, day and listen. The best option is that you should have an MP3 player. With this machine, you can hear anywhere and listen anytime. You should write all that you like on a CD and keep it in my MP3 player when you go out. So you can listen anytime and anywhere.

Listen what?

Find the tape and hear it easy to understand but also to make sense to you. Select the document theme you like, make sure that the voice of the speaker in the tape easy to listen to. This way, you would like to listen and make sure your English will improve much more. Wish you learn English
Saigontech Forum » English House » GE » The importance of reading and listening.
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