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English vocabulary learning super speed
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A creative learning English and fun, helps you remember English vocabulary is very long long time.

For English, you have a good combination of skills and a lot of different factors. One of them is equipped with a capital "spectacular." However, the vocabulary of this ancient inherently with anyone (even natives) is also not easy.

The traditional way that students are often taught as a writing vocabulary, sentence order, reading the documents related to the word, even to the ... sat soaking. Some of the newer "flash card" is not effective, and buying them is not cheap. How it helps you learn faster, remember fast, exciting but a long memory, even remember life without?

The following article will guide you to a special method of learning from. This method does not originate from anywhere official, it appears randomly with people learning English and was popular. In Vietnamese, please temporarily call this method as "composite separation technique."

Come to the example below

For dick: Brusque (adj) blunt, gruff

For example, you just see a word is very difficult and rare. If you are having it once, how to remember it for a long time, the opportunities that you will see it in life is very low. What is the secret?

See "grafting technique separated from" problem-solving on how.

From BRUSQUE can split the BRUS-QUE

Then, from BRUS be transformed into brush (brush) and from QUE converted from QUEEN (queen).

As you can see, words like brush (brush) and QUEEN (queen) is very simple words to those who learn English.

Now, the word originally meant BRUSQUE "gruff gruffly," you relate it to the brush (brush) and QUEEN (queen). Imagine now the kingdom of the brush, which reigns a queen. She is a very rude man brusquely.

----> The brush is very BRUSQUE QUEEN

Let your imagination be agreed health development. Imagine the images in the last sentence of what the most dynamic, most interesting place you imagined in your head. Imagination and think of more, or how much you remember as long they were.

Now you can take time to review again the example above. You have the English word this? If so, congratulations, you're holding a class method from extremely effective.

The crux of the "composite separation technique" is based on the original it's from studying, and then deliberately modified to help learners meet again next time may be based on the clues to from memory. There is a script that many people face is learning English, "Oh I met a few times since then but do not remember what it means?"

Clearly, many students have a sense they have met this English then, but the clues they too should fade in feeling just can not remember exactly what the word meant. After separation technique using compound words, when looking at a word has been learned, the words separated immediately becomes the learner clues to the precise meaning of the word. This is a very good method for those who want to improve your vocabulary without too important to remember exactly how to write a word, just recognize the word is.

Here to help you understand better, the article would provide some examples:

+ AUGUR (v) prediction - Think AUGUST (August)

Imagine: A magician has the ability AUGUR (predict) what happens in AGUST (August)

+ BERATE (v) strictly accountable, punish - Think of the BE-A-RAT (a mouse)

Imagine: A very mischievous boy because it was her first punishment, her first BERATE (punish) him by MAKE HIM BE A RAT (turn him into a mouse)

Do not have an accurate separation between any pair, all depends on your creativity. How much more creative, learn from your work as simple and easy they were. Despite some limitations, as no words can be separated, or not everyone has creativity that sits separate from the individual, but in fact this is a great way to learn from and effectively . Most people who have tried this method have found that they almost forget they have learned from.

These examples are taken from a separate post from a student's grade 12 in Hanoi. This time you're writing an ebook from this separation technique, made popular 500 from the high-level academic writing in English. The example used is completely your permission.
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