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7 English learning experience effective
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According to Mr. Tim Hood, Deputy Director British Council, English does not necessarily focus on grammar and homework. The key is to choose the appropriate course, sometimes the simplest daily tasks also help us to practice English.

Here is after many years of experience teaching English from him.

Prefer to speak English and comfortable talking

When using English, do not be afraid of making mistakes. If you do not make mistakes, which means you do not learn anything. Often when you little mistakes when speaking English with foreigners. But the important thing is what you draw upon a mistake. Just like the baby will be unable to walk as if afraid to stumble.

Determine if you fit any learning

Recent research shows that many people are learning that their own favorite. If you are an image, you can create a link between English and the example image you can watch movies with English subtitles, try to imagine yourself in a context needs to use English, the word associated with the image study. If you are a hobby is listening, you listen to songs in English as much as possible and watch movies in English. If you are minded analysis, spend more time learning grammar and compare Vietnamese to English.

Of course, a good learner would take time for all these things. Unfortunately the world, many people are still taught the traditional way is just to focus on grammar and listening.

Learning to remember

You can train your memory through many guidebooks. Almost all of the gifted students in English are very serious about this.

Create yourself an English environment

A successful businessman who has learned Spanish English by pasting pieces of yellow paper around the house to go to the kitchen where even a cup of coffee, in the bathroom shaving or using the TV control vi to change the channel, he could see the words written on it. When he was attached to these words then, he replaced them with new words. This way, the day he learned about 10 words, all seven days a week. You take advantage of reading, listening and speaking English anywhere, anytime.

Get connected

A girl outside Hanoi. Just 3 times a week, her bike to a place where she could speak English with their friends in England, Australia and America. It's an Internet cafe with voice chat service.
Internet has brought many benefits to learning a foreign language. You can find lots of useful website to learn grammar, vocabulary, pronunciation and now, most important of all is communication.

Learn vocabulary systematically

Please note that English is not merely a grammar school. When communicating, your choice of words, combine them and form sentences to express their opinions. When learning vocabulary, you arrange your journal so that reasonable. Do not list a long series of words, new terms which break out your window into sections such as:

Topics: shopping, holidays, money, etc. ...
Verbs and nouns adjacent to: do your homework, make a cake, etc. ...
Phrasal verbs: to grow up, to fell off, to look after and so on ...
Fixed term: on the other hand, in my Opinion, by the way so ...
Idioms: once in a blue moon, to be over the moon, out of the blue and so on ...
Language is about words: at night, at the weekend, in March, in 2003 and so on ... ..

You excited to

You start your day and do what you can do today, do not leave until tomorrow. In was in London, I have a Thai friend who studied fashion design industry. She speaks English very super. Since she was 15 years old, she has to define the purpose and his dream is to study fashion in London. She had to find out the IELTS score needed to be able to dream in which she then started to learn English right away. By age 19, that is old enough to be admitted, she had everything ready.
The result of her early start is wise for a year, when the course ended, she returned to Thailand, then her friends are still waiting to learn English hard time leaving the country. Now she is a fluent English speaker, qualified and successful
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