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Experience learning English
weoDate: Saturday, 2012-01-14, 7:17 PM | Message # 1
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I want to share with you some experience learning English (I have many stages of learning English should have some experience)
1. Learn English must have specific objectives. VD: I learned to put on record a job interview, studying for TOEFL, IELTS to apply to study abroad v.. V. If no reason or something, "I learned to know a foreign language," there's nothing wrong but I think it would be hard to concentrate on learning if we do not know specifically what we learn to do.
2. If you study the Toefl, I would have some idea as follows. Study for the TOEFL, the main goal we have to take TOEFL on how many points (depending on each person), so do many offers skills training to do. The collection exam is not difficult to sell lots of books outside the bookstore, there are many places online to get the work. But do so effectively, you have to do this. I did as I started to test all solutions are not considered, and there is not inspection. If that do target all very tired (took over 3 hours), then make a partial but not complete an entire section. Do not gross Nhe, sentence also choose to have its reasons, the vast selection and choose the most worthy (used instead of dice or university blindly select a sentence, or mid tired tired to accomplish several questions still to also consider the solution). After completing the investigation began to answer. Now take careful note of the statement you made a mistake and the question you guessing. Let's analyze why I did wrong (this time to use dictionaries, books to check carefully what right what wrong), carefully documenting these errors and punctuation mark that I do wrong again. Later when my review, I do not review all the old exam questions that you just repeat the question the wrong time, will not take much time (question right if you were thinking and doing right, do it a hundred times whether you still doing the right thing to do so, review). There are wrong to do: (1) Do not look back once again that problem again (after having the same problem I think only with the previous results, no more, because you can prevent errors where) (2) How to count just the right question (you will not learn from mistakes and next time a similar problem would also like point)
The error does not much engage in Toefl. While at home do not get bored when their errors. Because of their more wrong, I'll remember as many mistakes and wrong than to do it every time that could not be more wrong, it will be right only (and that's when competition!)
3. Part of the implementation degree. Now the English language to communicate. Once through here, even opening his mouth to speak a sentence because the reality in Vietnam
South we have little opportunity to communicate in English. So I think there's a way to practice alone. You buy the book Conversations on Default, all talk of the British daily, the United States. Learn all the ways they use in everyday speech, learning as much as possible. Also try to focus on ending sound of each word, the last sound in their pronunciation must be. I would say surfing surfing the negative end of the sentence, making the face very hard to hear and understand. Try to speak a little slowly, enunciate clearly had a negative. And another one, using simple words, the simpler the more easily comprehensible said.
4. I know a number of sources to learn English:
This page used to listening American accent, you can download news and articles say to practice
This page has added both videos. When placed in context, we would understand what people say over and absorbs faster.
1. All of this is that on his experience. I did long time back and take a lot of time to fix. I would just note that you are soon to learn English so do not get let go. Incomplete post their thoughts and then write it, I'll write again after completion.
2. I did not learn English well, and apply these ways have passed their exams and speak English (though much remains to be improved). Be confident of your light "if Hoang also learned English, then of course you are".
3. Some of you reading this are very good at English and have a lot of experience. If you see anything to comment in this article, please comment on their own to complete their own learning and sharing for all to learn. The main purpose is to make language learning by effectively and we will help take our time over.
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