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The best English learning experience over the internet
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Hundreds of thousands of students of the above sites have posted many questions about online for teachers to gain experience online help to learn English effectively. Here is the experience to help you study more effectively:

1. The common experience:

- Learn how regular daily "rain repellent long", and not put on a school at which the number of study interrupted for too long. The reason to put this up front is that online English courses do not require on-time "class" and therefore more unpredictable in their study time. Be active every day learning to reasonable time, you have to maintain order study habits, to see his progress every day.

- Please take advantage of the convenience that internet and English language training programs online to provide the most effective learning: using online dictionaries, search through google to study with samples, photos, Read English web pages ...

- Call center Call centers (student support) of the English language training programs through the internet to get help more quickly and more advice.

2. Experience to learn English for International Communication

According to Nguyen Thi Thuy, a teacher's online site globaledu.com.vn said:

- To learn English for international communication through the internet and your students to note: program of the Global Education has a step learning science. Therefore, when studying, you should learn under the guidance of the system. Notice to speak much by training and practice phonetic maucau common, take advantage of the support of audio, video or flash to learn, to help train the literacy skills heard a better way.

3. Learn English school and college exam how well?

The experience of learning English was her high school friend Thanh Vu Bich, the teacher's online training site on the internet high school English common:

- The study and monitoring ngiem exam, the students should review the previous article for each type and then smoothly integrated homework. And should review from grade 10 to grade 12, should not skip. Because, while learning and reflect on classroom practice in the order you will be the basis for knowledge systems and make the most of the material available on this page in English secondary schools.

4. Experience to learn English through specialized internet

- When learning English majors via internet, you should take advantage of the support of the audio system to learn new words and pronunciation (from subjects are difficult to pronounce and hard to remember). Upon the occurrence of strange subjects, students should rely on video images to understand the content and meaning faster.

- With each lesson in English majors, students should take advantage of internet systems to search for posts with the subject (topic) is similar to replenish capital, improving the ability to use language.

- Regularly adding the bank's exercise program to expand the vocabulary of each profession. Then set the text to say again to speak and use words, the new architecture school.

- Want to learn English majors, first of all, students must also have knowledge of a specialized knowledge base that the new Vietnamese language easy to understand it in English.

5. These "tricks" to eliminate the waiting time while learning through the Internet:

- Choose your study site homepage (in Tools, select internet options, type the web address in address box, then click Apply, and click ok, you've got a home page as desired) to add more conducive to learning and this is also a reminder for you when you go online, but "forgot" not learning!

- When you use audio or video portion of the support system to study, you may have to wait quite a while (about 15 seconds) due to the preparation, the online teacher often to the sound very well, the capacity large and may be due to the selection heard many a time. If you do not want to wait, the system says "buffering ..." (lyrics on the machine), you press the stop button, then click on the play to not have to wait.

English experience has a lot of capital and has been published in various books. However, experience over the internet to learn who is not well known. I hope this article helps you learn more effective online learning and learning styles are like nature of this era.
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