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Saigontech Forum » English House » GE » 6 reasons why you have good English
6 reasons why you have good English
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Because like good English, you "plow" day and night with the towering pile of books, enroll in classes at the language center ... but the end result is that you learn not to be discouraged because. What are the reasons why you learn good English, but not forever?

1. You are afraid to speak English?

A major drawback of the study was very afraid when to speak English. Remember that if you do not mistake means you are not learning anything. When communicating with foreigners even sure who speak English can still be very pretty small mistakes. It is important that you "speak without fear," and know how to "learn from Mistakes" after each mistake. Just like the baby will be unable to walk as if afraid to stumble.

2. Not know how to create yourself an environmentalist English

The experience of English learners is good to know how to create a learning environment in English. English learning environment so what? simply as an environment where you can read, listen to English at any time, any place. For example, you can learn vocabulary words by writing out the piece of paper and paste it where you often see the most. When you recite these words then you can replace it with other new words. When you go out hard to notice the signs, company names, advertising ... with notes in English and ponder why the phrase was written like that? You can also join a club to practice speaking and listening to others speak. Friends set up a group to study and discuss. Send mail English with other students to practice writing ... By the way, every day you learn a vocabulary and decent structure that does not feel like sitting too hard copy record notes.

3. To be determined by the appropriate

Global Education recently received several letters from fellow practitioners, I have complained about the study so hard that why English capital is still not quite over. Learning a language is a process of cultivation, the element "hard" is important, but his determination to learn a new match is the deciding factor. You can choose to completely separate his favorite school.

For example: If you are hobbyists listen, you listen to English songs as much as possible and watch movies in English, the English news. If you are an image, you can watch movies with subtitles in English, collection of images with captions in English or reading magazines in English.

If you are minded analysis, spend more time learning grammar and compare Vietnamese with English .... And will also own a lot of learning that you can choose to best suit their instead of traditional learning path is recorded and memorized.

Picture for illustration only
4. Networking to learn English?

Internet has brought many benefits to people in all areas and all language learning is not a stranger. So you still hesitate any longer without networking? In modern society, more and more people choose to learn English through the network instead of directly to the class. You can find a lot of learning English online website useful for learning grammar, vocabulary, pronunciation, and even English communication ....

5. Learn vocabulary and not a machine system

Please note that learning English is not merely a grammar school. To learn vocabulary, you do not learn from the "dead" many times by writing a word on paper, but should learn from the sentence. You will remember from that long and still knows how to use them again. When communicating, your choice of words, combine them and form sentences to express their opinions. The speaker is well known to apply the vocabulary they know while others know a lot of questions but do not know the place. Handle as much as the rich vocabulary. Do not list a long series of words, new terms which break out your window into sections such as:

Topic: Friend, work, love, family ...
Verbs and nouns adjacent to: earn money, so homework etc. ...
Phrasal verbs: to grow up, to turn on, to take care, etc. ...
Language fixed theo me, in my point of view, by the way ...
Idioms: as cool as cucumber, go cold turkey, pull up your socks, etc. ...
Language is about words: in summer, at mealtime, in January, in 2009 ...

6. Gave up "perseverance"

Learning a language unlike many other disciplines that are required perseverance. You will quickly feel frustrated when school forever without understanding, and this will make you surrender immediately to the difficulties. Remember success is often achieved through perseverance and never give up even when others say "can not do." When you are confident to speak English means you have passed the difficult and bored and you will see the original foreign language interest this time is.

Self-improvement and overcoming weaknesses, you will find to "good English" is not too far from his best. I wish you to be confident and successful soon!
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