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Experience TOEFL over 600 points
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You should not look only TOEFL test as a requirement to be accepted for admission, but please consider it as an assessment of your ability to communicate. You learn TOEFL because it is the affirmation you can study well in English. You try to imagine sitting in a class that you can not understand what the teacher says and friends around him say they can not study? Learn English for your degree first and then high scores in exams will come to you.

Want to get high scores in exams at university, you have to learn the program teachers had taught in class. For the TOEFL, too, but now teachers do not make the program for you that you have to learn and to outline for you. TOEFL to test your ability to communicate in the University environment. Therefore, if you will notice that the hearing will usually last around learning problems, school.

So basically to complete the test is high, the best way is to focus on improving your communication skills. Practical Skills test or test should only be mentioned once you have confidence to communicate in English. Skills test only works relatively well when your level is relatively low.

For example: If two people have the ability to communicate with people without skills to reach 500 points TOEFL test, but with skilled people to do all it can reach 550 points. However, this difference is not much when the level is raised.

You will hear many people say that TOEFL training school from 500 to 550 is faster but from 550 to 580, are not simple at all. This is understandable for the program from 550 to 580-degrees-of-English languages ​​you have to be raised one level, while from 500 to 550 is just a test-of-doing-you are raising up a grade.

Scores can study abroad

Before embarking on TOEFL test preparation, you must set the threshold of his efforts. To set this threshold, you should browse through the requirements of the school you plan to apply in the admission. Each school, each department has its own requirements for the TOEFL. However, you should set a higher threshold, but this requires a bit. Usually the school will hold 550 to 600 (the specialized nature) is social, you should check. TOP 50 will require from 550 to 570, TOP 30 will require about 570-600.


There will be many of you run frantically looking for a pile of documents and spent a lot of time on the Internet only to find documents. And finally, they are only to be hit less than 20% of the total number of documents available to him.

You should choose one or two books about the TOEFL and sit to read and do everything from AZ in the book that you learn more every document is to "stop sucking" for a while. Because when you "consume" the end of a book, it includes all of the TOEFL program, while you just glance at this party, the other in the end you will not understand the whole program.

You should choose a general book on TOEFL (Barron, Cliff ...) and the ETS TOEFL cracking atmosphere. Of course, after the "plowed under" two of this book nobody forbids you to learn all the other relatives. But should learn one step at a slow but sure.

Monday documentation that you should have the TOEFL exam in previous years. You can download the www.dethi.com. Besides that book, you download a file of all essay form.

It is the books, but school is boring books that forever TOEFL test is also a period of communication and it is more important than the exchange rate your English. When you talk to foreigners, if you say not good, you can find another expression: in short detour did not understand it ... but you can not catch it all day sentence be recalled. Therefore you should first focus on listening because when you understand you will hear confidence in communication. You will hear more reflective says, and will be familiar with from high scores in TOEFL listening ...

The structure of tests can be found at: http://us-guide.org/content/view/20/107/
An effective way to learn English as a movie. You try to buy film or Friends. This film was broadcast on VTV, but do not start from the beginning it is difficult to see the humor, the film's witty.

The film uses language very life that you can hear in everyday life in America. Movies reflect the true American culture will help you not be shocked if the U.S. later study. Vocabulary is not too much and not too difficult. You are excessively smiles when watching movies and so you can enjoy it, this is called a "smile" that you learn.

Learning Styles

Should be divided into two processes:

- Improving English proficiency exam: You prepare this step by two books mentioned above and the film Friends. So is more than enough.

- Advanced skills test: using the subject you are from www.dethi.com load.

You divide your time funds in proportion to 2-1, for example, you have six months to the test, you should spend four months to raise the level and 2-month test. And to try to consume "about it" work.

To improve the

- Play: Begin with the first episode of Friends (20-25 minutes saison 1 episode 1). If you find it difficult to understand the original subtitle on it and hear it read. Then your dictionary words you do not understand, try to understand the story line and then watch it again is the subtitle to understand why it's us laughing on the other.

Last Tuesday, the subtitle come and see you out on to learn from. Each day approximately 1 ½ hours to 2 hours. After you rather than not to see the first three times. After two months you will see your confidence in your English listening is improved significantly.

- Structure of exam: grammar, you learn in the first book above.

- Writing: writing the essay form in the last essay writing samples and references to improve their writing.

Improving the ability to test

- Every time you spend learning TOEFL 30 minutes to read the book Monday: Cracking TOEFL and 2 ½ hours to complete an exam.

- Learning from the question wrong and try to apply these methods in the book cracking into how all of you, it will help you improve your score.
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