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Saigontech Forum » English House » English Club » 10 secret of English vocabulary learning efficiency
10 secret of English vocabulary learning efficiency
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Hello you!

When reading this article, you refer to the article "10 Tips learn English vocabulary" then. In this article, we want to introduce to you "10 secret of English vocabulary learning efficiency." Hopefully these tips will help add team to help you learn good English vocabulary.

Why English vocabulary important?
Vocabulary is very important because it conveys the views, thoughts of the ban. Grammar combination together but almost sense it in words. The more you learn a lot from the more you will be more communication. Ownership of a rich vocabulary, you express a lot more, even if the grammar is only good raw latter may not be true.

You learn English words like?
We mainly increase vocabulary by reading a lot of English materials. As a student, you must constantly learn and do a vocabulary exercise. Here are ten tips to help you learn vocabulary quickly.

1. Read, read and read
We learn most vocabulary through reading the text. The more you read many of your vocabulary is enriched. While reading, please pay more attention to the words that you do not know. First, try to guess based on that text, then the new dictionary. Read and listen to documents, as a way to help you learn a lot more new words.

2. Strengthen reading text
One study showed that the majority of words are learned in specific contexts. To strengthen the skills to understand from the text, then you should pay particular attention to how language is used.

3. Practice a lot and often
Learning a word will be nothing if if you quickly forget it. Research shows that we usually take 10 to 20 times of reading it again to be able to remember a word. It would be better if you write from that place, can be written on a sheet of Contents to view easily. Once written, you should write the definition and set sentences using the word. As soon as you start learning a new word that they use the word always.

4. Find as many links as possible of the words
To not forget new words when you read to learn from that to stimulate the mind sound. Besides, you should find more synonyms for the word that you know. Significant examples from (important, significant) have a similar meaning from important ', momentous, sustantial ... Also can list all the things that can make you think about the meaning of Significant. And finally you please draw a picture to leave a strong impression simulate the sense of the word.

5. Use these tips in mind
An interesting example from EGREGIOUS (very bad). Think of the questions thrown at us eggs (EGG REACH U.S.) - imagine a mistake we just badly thrown rotten eggs and an egg fly in the us (Rotten EGG REACHes U.S.). Interesting picture of this language will help you remember the meaning of the word faster and longer. The study also find interesting. Similarly, you find yourself the most appropriate learning method. Each school in different ways.

6. Use a dictionary to find words that mean you do not know
If you have pre-inspection program from the computer available in the open. We have a lot of support services from the internet survey. You should find and fix them to check the words that you are not sure about that. Using the thesaurus when you want to find the most appropriate word.

7. Play the game-related terms
Play charades game like Scrabble, Boggle and word puzzles (crossword puzzles). Games like this and many other games are available in the computer so that you can play and not have to have players cung.Ban also try Franklin electronic dictionary. This is a dictionary to many charades game.

8. Using the vocabulary list
For students who pay attention to words, there are many documents to meet this demand as the SAT and GRE. On the Internet there are many interesting sites to learn vocabulary, even a few pages feature also supports sending word to you via email every day.

9. Perform the test vocabulary
Play the game as mentioned in Section 7 to check your knowledge and also help you learn lots of new words. Also you can do the test level as SAT, GMAT, TOEIC, ... Every time you do a check once you know the progress in their learning.

10. Create excitement when learning vocabulary
Studies to evaluate the subtle differences between words. For example, the same meaning as "covered" but the two words "denote" and "connote" not exactly alike in terms of expressive nuance. Learn how to express in words to say and explore pleasure to be able to confide in each of all emotional words. Who knows when the rich vocabulary, rich decide your future. In the English-speaking countries, mastering vocabulary helps us to overcome the outstanding level tests like SAT and GRE. These are educational in nature decided we did not get into the University and parking would be sufficient if the school does. General language testing is also a communication quality evaluation. Building vocabulary is the life of each of us. Remember that "Everything starts from the language."

You can refer back to butcher "10 Tips learn English vocabulary"

I wish you good school!
Saigontech Forum » English House » English Club » 10 secret of English vocabulary learning efficiency
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