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How to learn English 100 new words per day
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In the last article introduced Hoctienganh.info with your article "10 Tips learning English vocabulary." Sure you've mastered the rules very well 10 in order to learn English vocabulary in a better way. This article introduces Hoctienganh article "How to learn English 100 new words every day." Hopefully that will help you learn better English vocabulary

Step 1: First you should learn by topic for easy to learn (buy books recommended vocabulary exercise english Xuan Ba, images and all associated files, is easy to remember). Should study the subject because they will help you relate better and also easier to remember.

Step 2: You should learn simple words from one syllable to two syllables because many other more. Most of the compound word.

Eg waterfall = water (water) + fall (fall) = waterfall
football = foot (feet) + ball (ball) = soccer

However, there are still a few exceptions

Eg butterfly = butter (butter) + fly (fly or flies) = butterfly
screwdriver = screw (screw) + driver (the driver) = screwdrivers

In this case, it is best to use your imagination (imagination is the key element of memory) the more specific, more vivid pictures and then ... as weird as possible.

Eg butterfly. Imagine, a butterfly flying threw a piece of butter, then roll up nicely from where to fly to the com-winning butterfly as it always was a marinated raw yellow and you thought it was a strange piece of butter in the mouth for chewing rhythm education. (Lord I'm hungry)

Step 3: Learn the prefix and the abbreviations, terms basis. Prefix is ​​added in front of words to clarify that more. The abbreviations are the same but is in the back.
(To learn this, you should buy the book teaches a quick read of Tony Buzan, in which the sum of all three, very useful).

Eg mis (false) + Understand (out) = misunderstand (misunderstand)
under (under) + ground (earth) = underground (underground)

garden (gardening) + er (only conditions or activities) = gardener (the gardener)
work (working) + er (as above) = worker (workers)

The combination of steps 2 and 3:

Eg: goal (goal) + keep (hold) + er (only DK or activities) = goal (goal) + keeper (who hold) = keeper
Step 4: Divide all the words with a subject into small groups (with similarities) to facilitate and not miss a word.

eg, basketball, football, Footballer, GK, runner, baseball, ..
Divided into 2 groups: group 1 sports: basketball, baseball, football
2 groups of athletes: runner, GK, Footballer.

Step 5: Make school regularly and with patience.

Now this is one of the basic way, for both professionals and amateurs in English. You may not have achieved 100 words / day immediately but if any do you think are the limits are not just stop at 100 from.

Wish you good school!
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